New Episode and the Holidays

Hey DisTwits We are so close to Christmas  and the New Year, so everyone is buzzing around tending to family and traditions. The Disney at a Distance crew is still here to provide you with our grade A content! Disney at a Distance Episode 24: DisTwit Week Trip Recap Part 1 We got a new … Continue reading New Episode and the Holidays


Catching Up With The DisTwits

Hey DisTwits Its been a little scarce on here at the website, which I (Kasi) apologize for not updating as much as I hoped. There is a lot going on amongst all the DisTwits, so lets catch us all up, shall we? New Disney at a Distance Even though the DisTwits were in WDW living … Continue reading Catching Up With The DisTwits

Disney at a Distance and Turkey Business

Hey DisTwits, We have new Disney at a Distance and Dunken DisTwits episodes a!nd some Turkey news. Stay tuned and read all the updates to check everything out! Disney at a Distance Can Drink Disney at a Distance dropped their 21st episode today! We can now legally drink in the United States! But not on … Continue reading Disney at a Distance and Turkey Business