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This page will hold a comprehensible list of past Disney at Distance guests and the episodes they were included in along with projects or ways to get more of them.

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If you are interested in joining us on the Disney at a Distance Podcast please contact Matt (Daddy Does Disney)  or email us to set you up on our schedule.


Guest: Steve – The Day of Steve

Episode 1: Disney At A Distance Introduction and Steve‚Äôs Trip Top Three

Twitter handle: @thedayofsteve

Youtube: The Day of Steve

About: Steve is a member of the DisTwits Network and on both Disney at a Distance and Drunken DisTwits. Before being a DisTwit, Steve has and is an avid vlogger and can find his most recent videos on his YouTube Channel, The Day of Steve. He is also our resident Porg expert, with his sidekick, Mister Porg. Also, a great artist, Steve, has turned iconic scenes and rides of Walt Disney World and gave them a Porg update. You can find his T-Shirt shop here.

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Guest: Matt – Daddy Does Disney

Episode 2: Matt’s Quick Recap and why does Mickey wear gloves?

Twitter Handle: @DaddydoesDisney

About: Matt ( or is it Jordan?) is the quick-witted, bearded founder of the DisTwits Network, who wrangled everyone together so we can talk Disney with each other. Or get off topic and rant until we forget that we have a certain time limit. Very knowledgeable about Disney vacations, Matt is a certified Disney travel agent for Adventure is Out There Travel.

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Guest: Josh aka Quinn’s Dad aka He Who Shall Not Be Named

Episode 3: We finally talk to Quinn’s Dad and the longest topic from a hat discussion ever!

Twitter Handle: @maincitizens

Youtube: Main Street Citizens

About: Our number one fan, enemy, Executive Producer, and unofficial member; Q’s Dad! He is our “Matt Damon” and we finally booked him on one episode to pick his brain. This retired vlogger can be found mostly on Twitter now as a Target Influencer, and on occasion, some masterful Tweets. There is a segment based off of him called “Who’s that Josh and the number one contributor of our topics from a hat. We love you, Josh.

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Guest: Wes

Episode 4:  The Quest for New Clothes

Twitter Handle: @365DaysofDisney

Blog: 365 Days at Disney

About: Wes is a Disney Dad who frequents Twitter with Disney quips and family fun. He is a father of all daughters and loves to share the insaneness of parenthood. He is also in the process to redo his website that is focusing on Disney and Education. Wes is also apart of #NasaSocial, and will be tweeting about the Nasa launch of a satellite, ICESat2, that will measure ice, cloud, and land elevations.

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Guest: Joceyln

Episode 5: The Quest for the Best Disney Companion

Twitter Handle: @disneygratitud1

Blog: Disney Dreamin’ 411

About: Joceyln is a Disney Mom and a Disney blogger. She is such a positive presence in the DisTwitter community, and you can see this through her blog, Disney Dreamin’ 411 were she helps her guests with planning Disney trips. In September 2018, she started Random Acts of Kindness to brighten up someone’s day and encourages to spread kindness forward.

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Guest: Wes

Episode 7Wes is Wakanda Forever and Donald Duck Tells Us Goodnight

Twitter Handle: @WesKinetic

About:  Wes is another member of the Disney at a Distance Podcast and a devoted dad to two children. Wes a big fan of Disney and Disney World, and he got sucked into this podcast to talk random with us. Don’t get him started on Star Wars talk unless you are prepared to bring it. In this episode, he discusses a Disneyland trip where he and his family went for the first time.

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Guest: Benson

Episode 8: Solidween in Toy Story Land

Twitter Handle: @BensonCalure

YouTube: And Stuff Like That

About: Benson is literally the backbone of our podcast, as he is the editor and makes sure the podcast goes out when it should. He is also the voice of our intro and does a great job at doing it, even if he does it a couple times. (Have you heard our intro? It’s a tongue twister). Benson has a youtube channel, which he uploads daily that features his family, Disney stuff, and other Stuff Like That. He and his family are very new to going to the parks. In this episode, Benson unpacks his trip to Toy Story Land.

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Guest: Jason / SchuckJH

Episode 9: We Talk Adventure’s Club and Get Random

Twitter Handle: @SchuckJH

About: Jason Schuck is the social media director for Adventures in Charity, also’ to be known as the Mayor of half the bars in Orlando. He came on the show give us a little history on the Adventure’s Club and to promote his charity, Adventures in Charity. Adventure’s Club was part of Paradise Island ( now known as Disney Springs) and a popular bar with the theme of the 1930s Explorer’s Club.

Adventures in Charity took place on September 27, 28, and 29 of 2018, and was basically a reprisal of the Adventure’s Club with returning cast members. Like a fun adventuring reunion. All the proceeds from this event went to charities picked by the Adventure’s Club actors.

Website on more details: http://adventuresincharity.org/

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Guest: Shawn/ NegrOrlando

Episode 10: Shawn Takes Over the Podcast
Episode 18: Universal, Creepypastas, and Randomness Oh My
Episode 20: Whip Out Your Hog
Episode 30:  

Twitter Handle: @shawngorlando

YouTube Channel: NegrOrlando

About: Shawn is your favorite vlogger’s favorite vlogger! Shawn is an Orlando vlogger, and when he isn’t in another theme park (BABY), he is off showing the best of Orlando and anywhere else he believes is fascinating. You can thank Shawn for showing us the Splash Mountain “butt”, introducing us to Black Flash, and giving us nightmares of the children in its a small world. In this episode, he takes over the podcast and discusses Song of the South and what its like to be a vlogger. We also invite him to join us every ten episodes as an unofficial member of the Disney at a Distance crew.

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Guest: Victoria/ Pineapple Princess

Episode 11: We Might All Be Sociopaths and Old Bay is a Gift From the Lord
Episode 12: Bangarang Victoria

Twitter: @hecallsmePP

Instagram: hecallsmepineappleprincess

Website: Rainbow Caverns

About: The Pineapple Princess herself, Victoria is a former cast member and a fellow lover of Disney and Disney talk. She came on, not one, but two episodes to discuss the debut of her website, Rainbow Caverns. Rainbow Caverns is a Disney content website with unique content such as Disney moms, plus-sized women, breaking news and more. And the website is run by some fierce and intelligent women of Disney. Also, in this episode, we try to convince Victoria to watch Hook, which she comes back for the next episode and gives us her take on what she thought. She also tries to stump us on what movies she thinks we haven’t seen.

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Guest: Matt/ Men Do Disney

Episode 13: The Shameless Plug

Twitter: MenDoWDWPodcast

Podcast: Men Do Disney Podcast

About: Matt is one of the three members of the Men Do Disney Podcast, and our guest for this episode. Men Do Disney Podcast is a fun podcast with three very knowledge Disney men, Matt, Tom, and Pete, who come up with great Disney topics each week. On this episode, we grill Matt by having Matt asking him what its like to have a normal podcast. Such a fun and hilarious episode, we can’t wait to collaborate with Men Do Disney again. Please check them out!

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Guest: Ben Lancaster/ Walt’s Frozen Head

Episode 14: Walt’s Frozen Head Comes Out To Play

Twitter: @WaltsFrzenHead

Website: http://waltsfrozenhead.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waltsfrozenhead

About:  Ben Lancaster is the official handler and Twitter director of  Walt’s Frozen Head, who couldn’t make it for the episode. Ben came on to promote the Independent film he was working on, The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head. The world premiere was set to play on October 4 & 5, 2018, in Santa Cruz Film Festival. Also shown in the White Lights City Film Festival in Fremont, Nebraska. There is also a premiere of the film in Orlando on October 13, 2018. Filmed in Walt Disney World, and definitely not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. Check out the episode to hear all about this film and where to watch it.

Trailer: Further Adventure of Walt’s Frozen Head

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Guest: Rhiannon and Drunky

Episode 15: Time to Get Drunk At Disney

Twitter: @DrunkAtDisney   @DefiniteDisney

Drinking At Disney: Drinking At Disney @ Amazon

About: We get a little boozy on this episode with special guests Rhiannon and Drunky. Both guests are very active on DisTwitter and spreading their updates of all the drinks they find in both Disney parks. You can usually find in selfies with a thermos in front of their face (Drunky) or a plastic liver (Rhiannon). In this very fun, very explicit episode, Rhiannon and Drunky discuss their updated version of their book, Drinking at Disney, which gives out tips, tricks, and all the information on the all the bars throughout Walt Disney World.

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Guest: Chris Pratt aka The Holy Moly

Episode 16: The Original Chris Pratt Unpacks his Whirlwind Trip

Twitter: @chrispratt23

YouTube: The Holy Moly

About: Chris is part of our DisTwit Network, and can be found on our YouTube series, Drunken DisTwits. He is the one with the most massive and epic wet bar in the background when we discuss Disney. Chris is also a vlogger, but doesn’t just vlog Disney, he vlogs some amazing places you should visit if you get a chance. In episode 16, Chris unpacks a work conference turned epic WDW and Universal trip where he met some awesome people and did awesome things.

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Guest: Christine aka Ivy Winter

Episode 17: Columbus Wrecked Disneyland Too

Twitter: @IvywinterYT

YouTube: Ivy Winter

PodcastThe TTA Podcast

About: Christine can be found throughout social media talking Disney, known as Ivy Winter. Christine’s youtube channel likes to dig deep into your Disney nostalgia and discusses unpopular opinion and gauge people’s reactions. Also, amazing Disney tips, tricks, and vlogs can be found there as well. You can find her once a week on The TTA Podcast with her fellow co-host Rob, as they talk Disney misc.

In Episode 17, Christine joins the small DaaD crew to discuss a not so fun Disneyland and tries to hurt our hearts with her unpopular opinions.

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Guest: Sam aka Reverend Freako

Episode 18: Universal, Creepypastas, and Randomness Oh My

Twitter: @reverend_freako

About:  Sam is a frequenter on Twitter bouncing through different communities with his fresh hot takes. Such hot takes you might have blocked him on Twitter at one point.  He is a Florida resident and can be seen in the parks quite a bit. Sam is also our part-time Executive Producer, splitting duties with Josh, but don’t tell him that. He likes to talk about Univeral, and who we go to when we want to know about Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

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Guest: Alex – A & E Adventures

Episode 22: Fantasy Draft Park



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Guest: Kim Hanley

Episode 27: I Can’t Answer That….ON AIR!!!!



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