Drunken DisTwits

We are a bunch of Drunken DisTwits, who watch Disney franchise films and drunkenly explain them to you.

*Disclaimer: Here at DisTwits Network, all of our members are above legal drinking age in the United States and Canada and advocate drinking responsibly. We do not condone the abuse of alcohol and believe you should consume it in moderation and caution. *

Episode 9: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull




Next Episode TBD – Solo: A Star Wars Story

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The Drunken DisTwits’ rotating cast includes:

Chris: @chrispratt23
Kasi: @DisFlicksTidbit
Steve: @thedayofsteve
Shannon: @punzelbelle28
Benson: @bensoncalure
Christin: @Bellarose452
Jordan: @jordanghastly
Matt: @daddydoesdisney
Christina: @mamadoesdisney
Jeremy & Cara: @magicgeekdom
Jackie: @superenthused

Episode One: Emperor’s New Groove

Episode Two: Hercules

Episode Three: Moana

Episode 4: September Trip Plans

Episode 5: Coco

Episode 6: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Episode 7: Mulan

Episode 8: Star Wars Holiday Special