Disney Tea With V – Episode 3

In this episode of Disney Tea with V, the Disney Tea Party talks about Disney Instagram influencers being anti-vax, Marvel news, the new Disney park rules, and a new Princess dining breakfast. Listening to all the tea spilling. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/qk94p6/Disney_Tes_with_V_Episode_Three.mp3 or listen on your favorite podcast app Disney Tea With v updates every tuesday Want to … Continue reading Disney Tea With V – Episode 3


Disney Tea with V Episodes 1&2

Temp Logo Disney Tea with V is the new podcast to the DisTwit Network, hosted by Victoria (Twitter @hecallsmePP) where she spills the tea of the Disney community. She came out with two episodes back to back, and they should already be on your playlists! Ep 1: Baby's First Episode The very first episode V … Continue reading Disney Tea with V Episodes 1&2