Disney Tea with V Episodes 1&2

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Disney Tea with V is the new podcast to the DisTwit Network, hosted by Victoria (Twitter @hecallsmePP) where she spills the tea of the Disney community. She came out with two episodes back to back, and they should already be on your playlists!

Ep 1: Baby’s First Episode

The very first episode V invites Amber (@ambirickell) and Rodney (@rodneydiz) to discuss Captain Marvel, Galaxy’s Edge and Epcot Changes.

Ep 2: Baby’s First tea Party

V invites two more guests; Scott (@scottr021 aka Dislexic Podcast) and Rodney (@rodneydiz) and they all three spill the tea on Backdoor Disney’s latest video, white-washing character’s in the parks and why Anastasia isn’t a Disney Princess

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Disney Tea with v updates every tuesday

Want to catch up on the latest episodes, head on over to the Disney Tea with V page for all the archived episodes.


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