DaaDCast Episode 38: Dig a Little Deeper Paris For Those People of Color

The Disney at a Distance is new this morning, with two DisTwits that aren’t normally on, Christina (MamaDoesDisney) and Shawn(Negrorlando). First we discuss our DaaDCast Song power-ranking with the Hero and Inspirational song category.

Zero to Hero Songs

Zero to Hero


Stand Up

How Far I’ll Go

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Prince Ali

I’ll Make a Man Out of You

Out There

Walt’s Songs to Live By

Sister Suffragette

Try Everything

Under the Sea

When You Wish Upon A Star

Dig a Little Deeper

Go The Distance


Let It Go

Then we delve into Representation within Disney for People of Color. Disneyland Paris has done a very poor job of casting People of Color for Characters of Color.

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