Disney at a Distance March Madness Tournament of songs

The newest Disney at a Disney episode, we introduced our listeners for our own March Madness tournament where are pitting popular Disney songs against each other. We discuss two categories this week:
It’s a Small World After All – Attraction Songs
Villainous Villainy – Villains Songs

There are 8 songs in each category and all the DisTwits power-ranked the songs best to worst.

Here are the songs for the two categories we discussed in Episode 36, in no particular order.

It’s a Small World After All – Attractions Songs

Three Caballeros

Tiki Room

Grim Grinning Ghosts

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Yo-Ho (It’s a Pirates Life for Me

One Little Spark

Happily Ever After

its a small world after all

Villainous Villainy

Cruela De Vil


Poor Unfortunate Soul

Friends on the Other Side

Mother Knows Best


Be Prepared


If you would like to hear how we ranked these categories be sure to listen to the episode.


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