New things, New Shows, New Episodes

As you may know the DisTwits Network have changed over the past couple of months. And new changes requires some explanation to you, the listener and fan.

The Distwit network

If you havent noticed, or you are a new subscriber the podcast, Disney at a Distance has changed its location from its original Podbean name and location to The DisTwit Network. The DaaDCast has moved all of their episodes to a new account, so don’t worry they didnt go away. Click the button below to resubscribe to the new name on Podbean to get new episodes.

If you do not use Podbean, just simply search in your podcast app of choice for “DisTwit Network”.

Sorry for the confusion and changes to the name but this was the best option for us, since we have plans to expand and to have additional content.

Speaking of new content….

Introducing a new podcast, magic ghastly power hour

We have a new podcast added to the network! If you were missing the wonderful voices of Jordan and Jeremy from the Disney at a Distance, that is because they formed a new podcast called the Magic Ghastly Power Hour. It is a wonderful podcast about two friends who met through social media, with similar interests talking about things they love.

Episodes will becoming out bi-weekly on Sundays and will come out of the DisTwit Network.

The second episode just released on 3/10/19 and they have their own page on the website. Click the button below to check out the new podcast!

Disney at a distance episode 36

Disney at a Distance is new today (3/11/19) where four of the DisTwits get together to discuss the March Madness Tournament of popular Disney songs. There will be several upcoming episodes discussing the tournament, the choices, and results. It is a fun conversation.

Disney at a Distance episodes come out every Monday morning.

Check out the newest episode by clicking the button to their page down below.

New Voices

You may also notice some new voices to the Disney at Distance podcast ,so we wanted to officially welcome them in becoming a DisTwit.

First we have Alex who was previously a guest on DaaDCast back when we did our Fantasy Draft Disney World park and won! We welcome you, Alex, to our DisTwit family and we know you will fit right in.

You can follow him on Twitter @kingrichard256

We also are welcoming in Victoria, who also has been a guest on Disney at a Distance several times spilling Disney Tea and telling us of many movies she has yet to see. Welcome, Victoria!

You can follow her on Twitter @hecallsmePP

Drunken DisTwits

Unfortunately the Drunken DisTwits, our live Youtube show about us drunkenly explaining Disney movies, will be on hiatus for the time being. Due to all the changes happening to the DisTwits Network, we felt it was good to put this show off to the side until we can figure out a schedule to better fit the DisTwits to come on. Look forward to updates of when we will revive this show.

Until then click the button below to watch previous episodes.

tell us how we are doing

We like to personally thank each and everyone of you that have supported us, listened to us, and stuck by us through all these changes. With out you, the listeners, we wouldn’t be here producing this content without you. So thank you!

If you want to personally tell us how we are doing, please consider leaving us a review on the podcast app that you are using. We like hearing from you.

Also we are open to suggestions for topics, whether it be for our topics from a hat segment or just an overall topic that we can discuss on any of our shows. Please let us know!


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