Merry DisTwits!

Merry Christmas DisTwits,

While all the stockings are hung on the mantel( or wall) with care, and possibly filled with candy and your favorite booze. With visions of Disney trips dancing in your dreams. The DisTwits are answering your Christmas list with a new episode of holiday good cheer!

Disney at a Distance Episode 25 on the 25th

Disney at a Distance Save PewDiePie Live from Walt Disney World

The DaaD Cast has a special Christmas special from the DisTwits that went to Walt Disney World at the beginning of the month. Tune in and be filled with the holiday spirit!

Next week part 2 of the DisTwit Week Recap will be up on New Years Eve, and that will the last episode of 2018! Wow this year went by so fast!

Drunken DisTwits Christmas Special

The Drunken DisTwits got together and snuck in a watch party on Festivus and aired out their grievances with the Star Wars Christmas Special.

We tried something new and streamed not only the Star Wars Christmas Special but from the Watch Party from the Facebook group. There were problems, but we will work out these kinks in the future. If you were there, thanks for joining in!

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DisTwits Digest

Quick update. There is going to be a DisTwits Digest this Wednesday. With all the hustle and bustle from the season it still will be scheduled on Wed like usual.

More Surprises to come…

With the new year just looming ever near, we here at the DisTwit Network are looking towards great things in the future. We have some new things planned and will be announcing them soon! Stay tuned with us to find out what we will reveal for 2019.

If you would like to support the DisTwit Network, please check out our Patreon.


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