New Episode and the Holidays

Hey DisTwits

We are so close to Christmas  and the New Year, so everyone is buzzing around tending to family and traditions. The Disney at a Distance crew is still here to provide you with our grade A content!

Disney at a Distance Episode 24: DisTwit Week Trip Recap Part 1

We got a new episode that went live today, all about the DisTwit week. Some DisTwits are missing from the trip, but hopefully we can add them in this week for recording! We do have Wes and Kasi!

Merry Little DisTwits

With the Christmas holiday just next week ( my how time flys), the DisTwits will most likely be very busy with family time. So we may be a bit quiet on this website and Twitter. Never fear we will have an episode next week on Christmas Eve, in case you miss us. The episode will be a previously recorded session but will be tons of fun. 

Until the New Year, have a good one DisTwits.


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