Catching Up With The DisTwits

Hey DisTwits

Its been a little scarce on here at the website, which I (Kasi) apologize for not updating as much as I hoped. There is a lot going on amongst all the DisTwits, so lets catch us all up, shall we?

New Disney at a Distance

Even though the DisTwits were in WDW living it up, we didn’t want to keep our listeners from our quality content. Jess and Kasi got together to do a girl podcast to keep us up to date on all things Disney. Check out the new episode!

Disney at Distance Episode 23: Jess and Kasi Podcast Time

The DaaD Ultimate Park

Over the past couple of days, Disney at a Distance was polling different parks that we made on Episode 22: Fantasy Draft Park. The episode we did a NFL -esque draft on elements of the WDW parks. We started the poll in our Facebook Group (The DisTwit Network Community) and the top four were then brought to a Twitter Poll.

After a tie and another poll, we have ourselves a winner!

Our guest for the episode, Alex from A and E’s Adventures has won the DisTwit Fantasy Draft Park!

Alex is now an honorary DisTwit and has the knowledge of knowing he is the best out of all of us, because he really knows how to build a park!

Please go visit Alex’s YouTube Channel: A and E’s Adventures

Follow him on Twitter: @kingrichard256

Hopefully we have him on again in the near future!

The Great DisTwit Hunt

As we keep saying it, the DisTwits went on a huge DisTwit meet up at WDW the first week of December. Hi-jinks ensued and beards were shown off, but one of the many events that took place, the DisTwits went on a scavenger hunt of epic proportions.

If you were a member of the The DisTwit Network Community Facebook group, and at the parks at the same time as our DisTwits, you would have been apart of the fun!

Three teams went against each other to find cross off certain missions in all of WDW and capture a picture of video of it. There were simple items like “selfie with the Toothpaste Wall” to DisTwitter moments like “My Milkshake Brings All the Hate” and to the most controversial photo of the week that was very DisTwit themed, “Have Matt and Jordan to the double Spider Man theme”.

In the end Team Country Bears won the hunt, completing all but two missions our 86 missions that were made!

We have many many photos saved from the game, so look out for a post of all our favorites in a future post.

Where is DisTwit Video Round Up?

I know, right?

Don’t worry, since all the DisTwits are back from their vacation, the Video round up will be back up this week. We apologize for the lack the video post in the past two weeks. We love highlighting our DisTwits and we will continue to do so.


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