Disney at a Distance Episode 22: Fantasy Draft Park

Hey DisTwits!

Episode 22 is out! And we had a fun short (short for us) episode where we do a kind of a Fantasy Football draft where we pick elements of WDW into our ultimate park. If this is new to you, and you are a little confused here head on over to our last blog post here: DaaDCast Ep 22: The Disney World Draft

The blog post should be able to get you up to speed and to follow along with the podcast.

There are 7 of us DisTwits, including a special guest! We have Alex from A and E’s Adventures to be part of our draft!

Once you are done with the podcast, scroll down below and see what each DisTwit’s park looks like!

Listen to Episode 22: Fantasy Draft Park

List of the DisTwits Parks

To vote for your favorite please head to our Facebook Page: The DisTwit Network to join and vote!

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