Disney at a Distance and Turkey Business

Hey DisTwits,

We have new Disney at a Distance and Dunken DisTwits episodes a!nd some Turkey news. Stay tuned and read all the updates to check everything out!

Disney at a Distance Can Drink

Disney at a Distance dropped their 21st episode today! We can now legally drink in the United States! But not on air…that you know of. Kidding, we already have a drinking series. (*cough* Drunken DisTwits *cough*). 

Episode 21: Photo Boxes and Pokemon is available to listen on Podbean, ITunes, OverCast, Stitcher, and any other podcast hosts you can name.

In this episode, we are segment free and just get together and talk about all of the news that had dropped the week before. It ranges from the Toy Story 4 to Pokemon and everything in between. 

Drunken DisTwits

Drunken DisTwits went live over the weekend, discussing Walt Disney’s Mulan. Due to a very busy weekend, only three Drunken DisTwits were ready to power through and get down to business. Still fun and still very random!

The playback is avaliable to watch here at: The Drunken DisTwits Page

and can be viewed anytime you want at: DisTwit Network YouTube Page

Happy Turkey Day

In just a couple of days, Turkey Day will loom over us and cause many a DisTwits to succumb to a food coma. A food coma so epic, we will not be getting together for a Disney at a Distance episode for next week. Yes, you heard it right, the DisTwits are going to be taking a week off and enjoy family, food, and quiet.

Don’t miss us too much! You can always listen to past episodes if you ever feel lonely.

DisTwit Meet Up Giveaway?

Did you know there is a DisTwit Meet Up in just under 12 days from now?

We are also holding a photo scavenger hunt for the DisTwits and any who want to participate. The winner will be getting some fun prizes.

Stay Tuned for more info.

Please let us know what you would like to see more from us! We love hearing feed back of any kind.

Do like a certain Disney at Distance segment?

Things you want to see more of on the website? Facebook group?

Let us know by emailing us at: disneyatdistancepodcast@gmail.comĀ 


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