DisTwits Assemble

Hey DisTwits,

Here are some updates and upcoming news in the DisTwit Network!

Drunken DisTwits

Incoming Episode! – November 17th

Drunken DisTwits and you have polled for the next movie and its Mulan. Lets Get Down to Business and go off on a tangent! We start riffing at 10pm EST.

Be sure to head to our YouTube Page: DisTwit Network and subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified when we go live. 

DisTwits Meet Up

The DisTwit MeetUp is coming up soon and the DisTwits are all buzzing and getting excited about the upcoming trip. We have our countdown on the  Main page, and Matt (@DaddyDoesDisney) has come up with an itinerary of what is happening.  There may even be a surprise show of live-streams from the DisTwits during the trip. 

If you would like to be apart of the fun, head to this blog post: DisTwit Week

DisTwit Page Updates

Kasi (@DisflickTidbit)  will be adding and messing with the website for the next couple of weeks, but that won’t mean the website will be down. It just means that there will be more content popping up. 

Be sure to check on blog posts, likes this, and the Main Page for any new things that pop up. 

For instance,the DisTwits Merch Page has popped up, displaying all the T-shirts that DisTwits have made and are available for purchase. 

There is another new page, Meet the DisTwits, that is up but will be worked on constantly for the next couple of days. This page will have an updated list of the who is who of the DisTwit Network so you know who everyone is. 


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