DisTwits Week at Walt Disney World Dec 1-4

We’ve been dropping hints around #DisTwitsWeekend for a few weeks now, and I’ve even dropped a general outline in a few places on social media, but I figured I’d go ahead and drop what I know of the plans. I’ll come back and make updates as they’re available. Matt, Jordan, Steve, and Benson will all be down, and Jeremy is in the area now, so he’ll be around. We’re hoping to see a lot of our local friends, and would love to see some of you if you’re in the area.

Here’s the current planned schedule.
Dec 1st: Most of us will be in Hollywood Studios for the day. Matt will be riding the Tower of Terror for the first time in the afternoon (Fast Pass starting at 5:15). If we decide to record an episode of Disney at a Distance during the trip, this is the probably the day. As of now, that would probably happen at Abracadabar around the 9-11 pm time frame.

Dec 2nd: I believe we’ll mostly be hitting up Magic Kingdom in the morning on this day, but in the evening, we’ll be planning a monorail crawl. I think we’re going to try to start at Tambu, then head over to Mizner’s before shooting over to California Grill or Outer Rim and watching fireworks at Contemporary, then head back over to Trader Sam’s to close out the night.

Dec 3rd: This is our Epcot Day. We’ll be drinking around the world and doing that Beverly/Aquavit challenge we proposed on the latest episode. Then catching NPH at the Candlelight Processional (5:00pm show). Matt will be heading over to Magic Kingdom for the After Hours event. Let me know if you’ll be out there.

Dec 4th: I believe we’ll be spending some time in the morning at Animal Kingdom, before we head over to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in the evening.

We’re super excited to get to hang out with each other and all of you that can make it out.


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