We are moving on up to the Dark Side of the Moon

We have a multiple update blog again!

Hey, DisTwits get ready for some great DisTwitting news!

Disney at a Distance Without a GuestÂ đŸ˜±

Disney at a Distance Episode 19 is live! This week we mix it up a bit, and not have a guest. We miss our Unpacking segment a little bit, but we replace it with a new segment called Power Rankings! The DisTwits all put in there rankings of a certain topic and we discuss. This week’s topic we are ranking is…Epcot Pavilions. Take a listen and find out what we think stinks and what we think rules them all.

Listen to the episode here: Disney at a Distance Episode 19

Drunken DisTwits Talk Star Wars

We had a new Drunken DisTwits Live-Stream over the weekend! Some of our Force-Strong DisTwits got together and gleefully talked Stars Wars: The Last Jedi. We hope that you were able to join for a little bit and say Hi. If you didn’t, we have the video saved here on the website, and of course, on YouTube. Be sure to look out for the poll to decide the next Drunken DisTwits movie we tipsily ramble on about.

Rewatch Drunken DisTwits Episode 6: The Last Jedi

Patreon DisTwits 

We have a Patreon! We officially launched our Patreon with four different tiers to choose from. Of course, you don’t have to contribute if you don’t want to. We will still provide free content that we have always made. Patreon will just give an opportunity to have the DisTwit Network to grow and provide more and extra content.

Check it out here: DisTwits Patreon

If you are new or unfamiliar with our schedule, it goes as follows:

Monday: New Disney at a Distance episode drops on most podcasts apps

Wednesday: We have DisTwit Digest here on the website, where we do a video round-up of our talented vlogging DisTwits for the week.

Every other Friday/Saturday: A live-stream of Drunken DisTwits pops up on our YouTube Channel.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Group for any other additional updates, polls, or just downright randomness. 2018-10-10


Have a good rest of your week and exit to your left!


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