DisTwit Updates: Episode 18 and Incoming Drunken DisTwits

Disney at a Distance Episode 18: Universal, Creepypastas, and Randomness Oh My!

Disney at a Distance is now old enough to buy cigarettes and to vote…in America. Welcome to our Halloween episode, where we discuss Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and Disney CreepyPastas. We get a little spooky, we get a little giggly, and, of course, we get a little random.

Our guests for the show are Shawn, Sam, and Shannon.

Sam is a new guest to the show, and we asked him to discuss with us what he enjoyed about Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (#HHN)
Twitter: @Reverend_Freako

Shawn is a returning guest and fellow DisTwit, who came on to share his favorite creepypastas. He also claimed to jump on randomly in future Disney at a Distance episodes.
Twitter: @shawngorlando
YouTube: Negrorlando

Shannon is also a DisTwit, and decided to join the fun tonight. You can catch her on Drunken DisTwits.
Twitter: @PunzelBelle28

P.S.: It was also Shannon’s birthday yesterday (10/28) so don’t forget to give her some birthday wishes!


If are curious about the creepypastas mentioned in the show, here are some links to set you on the path of creepy.

Slender Man: Wiki – Creepy Pasta

Mr. Bones Wild Ride: Know Your Meme

Marble Hornets: Wiki  –   YouTube Videos

A Memo to Disney Cast Members: The Story


Shawn also explored some creepypastas on his youtube channel:

Debunked: Episode 2 – Prologue – The Missing Family Magic Kingdom’s its a small world

Debunked Ep.2 : The Curse of It’s A Small World


The Marriage of Brer Fox – A Debunked Short


Click here to listen to the newest episode:

Episode 18: Univeral, CreepyPastas, and Randomness Oh My!


Drunken DisTwits


We have a date for the next Drunken DisTwits! Yay celebrate!



On November 3rd, 2018 will be our next episode! And we will be watching…

Drumroll, please!











Stars Wars: The Last Jedi!


Which means that Steve, Jordan, Jeremy, and Benson will be taking center stage and probably be talking all the Star Wars. So get your spacey drinks ready for the most controversial Star Wars movie chit-chat. Hope you can join us!

Remember to visit our YouTube page and hit subscribe and the bell icon, to make sure you get a notification when we go live.

Remember this date, November 3rd at 10 pm E.T.



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