Episode 16 and Drunken Crying

Disney at a Distance Episode 16

This week we have the original Chris Pratt on our podcast. We aren’t talking about the Parks and Rec buffoon, but the Chris Pratt that came first. We are talking about one of our own Drunken DisTwit, Canadian from the North, and our very good friend. Chris just came back from one epic Walt Disney World trip that had first started with a work conference in Orlando. He unpacks with us and tells us wonderful tales of fishing, food, resort planning, vlogging fame, comparing resorts, and so much more!


Where to find Chris Pratt:

Twitter- @chrispratt23

YouTube – The Holy Moly

Instagram – @mrwolfthebigbadwolf


Listen to the Disney at a Distance Episode 16: The Original Chris Pratt Unpacks a Whirlwind of a Trip



Drunken Thoughts and Coco

The Drunken DisTwits have also snuck in an episode over the weekend, where we got together and drunkenly discuss Pixar’s Coco. You can rewatch the episode here:


or you can go to our Youtube channel here and subscribe

Please leave us any requests for Disney film that we will summarize and discuss next time!

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