DisTwits play at Disney, DaaD shameless plug and Drunken Twits

Hey DisTwits,


We have all had a busy couple of weeks, and some of us needed some rest to get back to our DisTwitness. Here are some updates to the network!

Disney at a Distance?

The DaaD podcast crew has had two new episodes since the last update:

Ep. 12- BANGARANG VICTORIA with guest Victoria (@hecallsmePP) back with us discussing what she thought of Hook.

Ep13 – The Shameless Plug with guest Matt (@mendowdwpodcast) from the podcast Men Do Disney tells us how a normal Disney podcast works and we all give out shameless plugs of all our projects.


We have also got some reviews from our loyal fans for our podcast! Thank you so much for taking the time to rate us, even if the review is obscure as we are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


DisTwits Come in Packs

Also, we had a mini DisTwit get together over the past weekend, and hijinks ensued! We got some great pictures and vlogs out of it too. Here are a couple, not all, to commemorate the first of many DisTwits meetings.

JackieSuper Enthused


Cara and JeremyThe Magic Geekdom

SteveThe Day of Steve

BensonAnd Stuff Like That

ChrisThe Holy Moly

Chris – The Holy Moly makes an appearance on a Tim Tracker video


Drunken DisTwits

A new live episode of Drunken DisTwits will be very soon. We still have some DisTwits still at WDW and enjoying their best life. While we are waiting, we have put up a poll for our next movie that we are going to somewhat talk about.

To vote head to Twitter here or here

or join our Facebook group and vote here



Until then don’t forget to blow out the candle.


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