DisTwits YouTube Digest: 9/12-9/18/18

Since there are so many Vloggers amongst our crew, I thought I’d start digesting their latest videos each week (as long as I can keep up with it), so here goes the first round.

the Magic Geekdom (Jeremy and Cara)

In case you didn’t know, Jeremy and Cara have spent the last several weeks moving cross country from the Portland, OR area to ORLANDO, documenting their journey along the way. This week, they spent some time in Texas, New Orleans, and the Southeast, as I believe they finally arrived in their new hometown in the last couple days. Here are their videos of their travels this week. There might be a cameo from yours truly in there somewhere.

JFK Assassination Site Dallas: Dealey Plaza, Grassy Knoll, & Sixth Floor Museum

Fort Worth Cattle Drive, Dr Pepper Museum, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House 1974

Filming Locations and Touristy Things in Austin, Texas

Gas Station BBQ & Corpus Christi Selena Tour

Beyonce’s Childhood Home, Buc-ee’s, and New Orleans Garden District

Spending the Day In The French Quarter of New Orleans

Ray Charles Childhood Home & Jayne Mansfield Death Location

the Day of Steve (Steve and Shannon)

Steve has been editing and posting up videos from his WDW trip last December. This week’s video is in Epcot, so you get Test Track, Frozen, and Spaceship Earth, etc. Enjoy!

Designing Cars on Epcot’s Test Track!

Jordan Ghastly (Jordan)

Jordan posted the final videos from his series from Dragon Con. Here’s the last of them.

Dragon Con Day 2 – Cosplay Craziness!

Dealer Room Fail on the Last Day of Dragon Con

And Stuff Like That (Benson and Christin)

Christin had her bariatric surgery this week, so we get an update on that, plus it was Mickey Memories time, so there’s that, and Benson makes us some low carb peanut butter cookies.

Low Carb Low Sugar Peanut Butter Cookie

Mickey Memories Drama for September 90’s Theme

Christins Bariatric Surgery and the Day After

the Holy Moly (Chris)

Chris is posting up videos from his Disney Cruise back in April. This week, he shared footage from Saint Martin and Maho Beach.

Disney Fantasy | Saint Martin \ St. Maarten | Maho Beach

Super Enthused (Jackie)

Jackie heads over to Universal (#WhatsAUniversal) for HHN, so you’re going to want to check that out. Diagon Alley, Scarezones, the Mummy, etc.

Halloween Horror Nights 2018! Scare Zone Antics, Diagon Alley, The Mummy & More!

Negrorlando (Shawn)

Shawn is closing in on 3,000 subscribers over on the YouTube. This week, he gets disgusted by snails, checks out the setups for HHN, heads to Spirit to check out some costumes, and we see the return of Black Flash.

I ATE SNAILS! Disgusting foods and music at Food and Wine – Negrorlando 288

The Calm Before the Horror Nights – Negrorlando 289

We’re gonna pop some Halloween Tags – Negrorlando 290

Black Flash and the 3rd Trimester Burger

I think that’s it for this week. Enjoy all the videos, and don’t forget to hit those like and subscribe buttons.



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