New DaaD Podcast and Some Hijinks

Crazy DisTwits!


We are back here for another week amongst some “life-changing” Disney news!

Disney at a Distance Episode 12

Despite some Podbean problems, we have a new episode out with a return guest, Victoria ( @hecallsmePP). She comes back on to tell us what she thought about Hook, and like DaaD fashion we go off on a tangent.




We apologize for any delay on the episode this week, we currently had Bensen fight for our honor to get it out amongst all the Podcasts apps. We won this week.

Please let us know what app you use to listen to us on.

Victoria’s website, Rainbow Caverns, went live over the weekend. So, please support Victoria and her team and check it out at, Rainbow Caverns. You can also visit them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


It is also Victoria’s Birthday today (September 18th) so wish her a Happy Birthday.

Drunken DisTwits Go To Disney World

If you missed our last update, the Drunken DisTwits went live this past Friday for a small get together to talk about there upcoming Disney Trip. If you missed it, head on over to our YouTube page and check it out! There was talk about strippers at one point.

Drunken DisTwits YouTube Page

DisTwits Went to Facebook

If you have listened to our most recent episode (Episode 12), Matt was discussing the woes of starting a Facebook group page, and how difficult to manage the anger-forums over there. Well…we have a Facebook group page now!

DisTwits Network Community

If you are on Facebook and think we are sort of okay, you are welcome to join our DisTwits Community Group! We have some standard questions to make sure you are not apart of the robot army before you enter, but you should pass with ease.

We have some tough questions and talk about the most disturbing news of DisTwitter, and generally throw inside jokes around. Come join us!


If you are interested on being a guest on Disney at a Distance in the future, please tweet at or DM @daddydoesdisney. Spaces are filling up fast!

Comment below on what podcast app you use to listen to us, and if you could leave us a review on your podcast app and let us know how we are doing, we will give you a shout out on the podcast.


Until next time, don’t forget to gather around the fire and share the light, and share a story.






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