We are popular! and Drunken Updates

Hello DisTwits!

Last night we recorded our latest episode for Disney at a Distance! Stay tuned on September 17th, 2018 for who the guest is.

Did you know we are getting popular?

Who knew?

Did you hear we finally got an Executive Producer?


Our guest spots are also filling up! Our schedule is filled up until mid-October and we are really excited about that. If you want to become part of the randomness that is Disney at a Distance Podcast, email us or DM @daddydoesdisney and tell us to put you on!

We have some DisTwits going to WDW in a matter of days so we will be getting some unpacking segments back on their most recent trips.

Until our next episode please take a listen to our most recent episode with Victoria ( @hecallsmePP). She told us all about her new upcoming website that will be open on September 16th. We will provide a link here when it goes live! We also talked Old Bay, Porgs, and convinced her to watch Hook and tell us all about it!

You can find it here:




We are currently writing up a page for all of our past guests so you can reminisce with us.

Please, if you could be an awesome fan and leave us a review on Podbean, Itunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you listen to our show. We really a appreciate it and lets us know what you think.

Drunken Updates

Incoming Drunken DisTwits episode.! Since many of our DisTwits are taking some trips, we are getting together this Saturday (Sept 15th, 2018) for a special episode. We will be on at our usual time, at 10pm EST on our Drunken DisTwits YouTube Page. Join us as some of our DisTwits talk Disney before they head there. No movie this time, but we have questions for you.

Go to our YouTube and Subscribe and hit that bell icon so you get that notification when we go live.


The DisTwits want to reach out to all of our family, friends, fans, and everyone that lives in the path of Hurricane Florence. We hope that you all stay safe and our hearts and thoughts are with you. Please be careful.



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