Week of September 10th

Hey DisTwits!

New Episode

Its Monday and time for another episode from Disney at a Distance.

Episode 11: We All Might Be Sociopaths and Old Bay is a Gift from the Lord!

Our guest for this morning’s episode is Victoria aka Pineapple Princess aka @HecallsmePP on Twitter. She is on to talk about her upcoming website that is making its debut on September 16th, Rainbow Caverns. Make sure to listen to the podcast to find out all about her website and what to expect. We will post the link to it as soon as it goes live.

Victoria was a blast! We took quizzes with her, talking about Old Bay and how it might be magic, and we might have convinced her to watch Hook.


Drunken DisTwits

Drunken DisTwits went live last Friday ( September 7th) and we talked Moana. The video is live here. We attempted to talk Moana, but you know us, we tend to go way off topic.

New Shirts All Around

We also got new shirts from the podcast and other members that dropped over the weekend.

Disney at a Distance fans, we have a shirt for you! For our fans, we have the “I’m the Favorite” T-shirt so you can show off how much we like you. Available now on our TeePublic shirt shop. All proceeds from our shirts still are going to Steve and Jordan’s Kidney transplant fund. Click the graphic to head to our shop.


Steve (@thedayofsteve) came out with another Porg inspired shirt, this time to pay homage to everyone’s favorite pineapple treat, a Lapu Lapu.

Introducing the Porgu Porgu:



Click the graphic to visit Steve’s TeePublic site. Proceeds for this shirt will also go to Steve and Jordan’s Kidney Transplant Fund.

Jordan ( @jordanghastly) dropped a shirt on Friday for the Halloween season. “You’re in My World Now” is a stylized Jordan dressed as Dr. Facilier and available now on Jordan’s T-Shirt Shop. Artwork by Kasi. Click the graphic to take you there.



And finally, Kasi (@disflickstidbit) dropped a shirt on pretzels. It says: “Soft, Salty, Tied in a knot, Served with a side of cheese. I realize I’m a pretzel.”

Click the graphic to go to her shop.



More DisTwit hijinks to come, along with updates to the site.

Have a great week and don’t forget to say Hi to Foxy Brown!


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