Drunken DisTwits – Incoming Episode

Hey DisTwits,


Hope you were able to listen to our latest episode of Disney at a Distance, where we had a very special guest, Shawn aka Negrorlando. He took over the podcast, but we didn’t mind at all. *Warning there is some explicit language this week*

Take a listen:

On this site




Again if you have any suggestions of guests, or you, yourself, want to be a guest on our podcast please DM us on twitter @DisneyDistance or email us at disneyatdistancepodcast@gmail.com.

Drunken DisTwit news! We have a date of our next episode, and we apologize for not posting it sooner. On September 7th (tomorrow) at 10 pm EST, we will be going live on youtube. You can find our channel here. If you want to keep up with us, please subscribe and hit the bell icon so you won’t forget when we go live ( Like us).

Our film feature we will be discussing is Moana. If you want to watch the movie before we go live and you don’t own it, you can find Moana in the Netflix library.  You can also rent for cheap on Amazon Prime, YouTube, or Redbox.


Hope to see you in the chat for Drunken DisTwits!

If you have a movie suggestion for future Drunken Distwit episodes, DM us @DrunkenDisTwits. We usually do polls to figure out our next movie, but we are always up for suggestions.


Until then, don’t forget to bring back and return the Heart of Te Fiti!

-DisTwits Network


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