Week of August 27th

Hey there DisTwits!


We are slowly building this website up to make it more enjoyable for any fans of the DisTwit Network. So there will be new content and posts in the near future. We will at least write a blog post once a week to keep you DisTwits updated.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with us, we might consider doing a newsletter so you won’t miss any new content! Leave us a comment below or email us and tell us what you think!

Every Monday, The Disney at a Distance podcasts publishes a new episode. Today’s episode is up on the DaaD page right now!

We won’t always post the newest episode on this website, so take a listen and tell us what you think: Episode Nine: We Talk Adventures Club and then get Random.

We talk to Jason the Mayor of every Bar in Disney!! With such an esteemed title, you know this is going to be a great listen. Jason talks with us about the Adventures in Charity show and makes us all realize how terrible we are as Disney Fans. Come to find out what Adventures in Charity is and how you can attend. Then we get random and talk about all the things!!!

You can find Jason here: https://twitter.com/SchuckJH

The Adventure Club page here: https://adventuresincharity.org/

Drunken DisTwits doesn’t have an update this week, but we are discussing when we will be recording next. The next movie we will be drunkenly summarizing is Moana! We will keep you updated on the date.

If you had a most recent trip to a Disney park and want to be a guest on our podcast, Disney at a Distance, email us at disneyatadistancepodcast@gmail.com to get in contact with one of us!


Until then, make sure to Thank the Phoenicians!






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